Katherine’s Tips

Tips on CookingOn cooking.

Variety and freshness are essential! I only prepare foods that I like because it is much easier to make items that appeal to oneself.  Locally purchase or raise fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits to ensure your table is plentiful.  The best tip for cooking is to be organized and clean as you prepare.

100_1279On entertaining.

Whether small or large gatherings, the key aspect of entertaining is to select an interesting mix of guests.  Carefully select persons of varied backgrounds who enjoy meeting new people. One great benefit of the bed and breakfast business is the continual flow of the most interesting guests.  We delight in taking time to visit with of you.

IMG_5465On gardening.

Begin by making yourself a map of your grounds – highlighting all the current plantings.  Next, dig up and give away or dispose of anything that you do not enjoy.  Now, you are ready to plant new items.  I love to use oversized pots within the gardening beds; they add interest and are easy to resituate for a new look.  No matter what you plant, cutting flowers to herbs to vegetables, be sure to plant more than you can consume…half the fun of gardening is sharing the bounty of your labors.

100_1785On etiquette and protocol.

The hospitality industry, specifically etiquette and protocol, is a passion of my life.  Let it not conjure up thoughts of stiff white shirts and seven forks to the left.  Etiquette and protocol are steeped with good manners which have been a part of our lives for thousands of years – existing in an ever evolving world.  For example, twenty years ago there was no need for cell phone etiquette.  Today, even our young children need to be taught the good manners of using a cell phone. Recently, I have been having great fun with teaching classes at Laura’s Tearoom and at high school Home Economics classes.