Gourmet Breakfast

Closeup of the breakfast silverware

A glass of white grape punch, garnished with fresh mint.    Romantic Getaway    IMG_1684    Egg nest III 

Breakfast. Breakfast. Breakfast. A delicious gourmet breakfast is served in the dining room each morning.  Each service begins with a fruit and homemade bread course, which is followed by a full savory or sweet entree.  The specialty Bloomsbury Blend Coffee is freshly ground and brewed.  To every extent possible, locally grown foods and products are served…rich, creamy free-range dairy cattle butter, jams and jellies homemade from local fruits, farm fresh eggs from free-range birds, garden fresh fruits and vegetables.  Biscuits from Grandmother’s iron skillet is another specialty of the house.  In season, the figs and peaches grown on the property grace the table in the elegantly appointed dining room.

Don’t you wish you could smell this:  Bloomsbury Signature Coffee, Fresh/Crisp Fruit Juice, Iced Water with Cucumber, Cold Strawberry Soup with Fresh Cream, Fresh Baked Biscuits, Bloomsbury Benedict and Garden Tomatoes.  Just close your eyes and feast as this is a typical breakfast at Bloomsbury.

Yes, we will always ask about any specific diet restrictions to ensure you enjoy a beautiful breakfast.