Gift Certificates


Bloomsbury Gift Certificates may be acquired online “GIFT CERTIFICATES” or by contacting Bloomsbury Inn: or 803.432.5858.  We offer Bloomsbury gift certificates in $25.00 increments, sold and utilized at face value. The gift certificates can be utilized toward any reservation.

  1. We offer a Bloomsbury reservation gift certificate which is for a one night reservation, all Bloomsbury amenities included, with any subsequent night reservation at a 10% discount. This certificate is for a specific room which you select. The recipient receives a personalized letter recognizing your purchase. Or, certificates can be purchased in increments of $25.00.
  2. We honor the South Carolina Bed and Breakfast Association gift certificates. These may be acquired by contacting the association
  3. We also participate in the Select Registry Rewards Program.

South Carolina Code of Laws, South Carolina Bed and Breakfast Act, Title 45, Chapter 4
View the state law:

Section 45-4-20:  (A) “Bed and breakfast” means a residential-type facility having no more than ten guestrooms where transient guests are fed and lodged for pay…(A)(1) “bed and breakfast inn”, residential-type lodging facilities that have three to ten guestrooms and serve breakfast to registered guests…(B)(1) serves as both the innkeeper’s residence and a place of lodging; (D) proprietor of the bed and breakfast.

Section 45-4-60: Fire safety provisions.  (A)(1) A bed and breakfast must provide a safe and secure environment.  (B)(2) A new bed and breakfast must adopt a controlled cooking plan.

Section 45-4-90:  The exemption from the tax provided in Section 12-36-290 shall apply to any bed and breakfast that has no more than five rentable guestrooms on the same premises and that is also the innkeeper’s place of abode.