Recipe of the Month

Breakfast Tart: Caramelized Onion

Crispy, hot onion tart

Recently on social media, I asked for some ideas for new breakfast entrees to use at Bloomsbury Inn.  A great friend suggested onion tarts.  I began with a basic recipe.  I tried both puff pastry and pie dough.  Once I had decided on puff pastry, I experimented with different cheeses and then jams.  So, here […]

Breakfast Soup

closeup view of peach soup

Oh no, it is such a shame when we reach the end of a fruit season.  Sadly, but true, we are at the end of our local peach season.  Last week, we picked up a crate of the last peaches of the season from McLeod Farms in McBee, South Carolina.  It is about a 30 minute […]

Jam Time

Only fresh canned jams are served at Bloomsbury Inn, strawberry is a favorite

It is jam time! In a jam. Make a jam (aka jelly, preserve, conserve, jam)…The fifth Bloomsbury Jam-Off is Sunday, 17 September 2017! Yes, Jam-Off (amateur jam-off). A panel of jam-loving judges will be selecting the top three entries in the entire universe. Well, the top three of those j-petitors(contestants) who make a submission to […]

Fresh Strawberry Soup

Small dish of cold strawberry soup.

It is strawberry season in South Carolina, and I have been on a strawberry kick for the past three weeks.  I have made several batches of strawberry soup.  Next week we are going to make strawberry jam when my friend from Ohio, Cheryl, is at Bloomsbury Inn. This is the best cold soup you will […]

Bloomsbury Shirred Eggs

Cooked, hot and ready to serve.

This is an elegant and easy breakfast item. All egg lovers enjoy this special treat. We make this breakfast item per person at Bloomsbury Inn, so the measurements are dependent upon how many people and ramekin size. Serving Size 1.                  Enjoy! Spinach, broken into pieces Sautéed Mushrooms […]

Nanny’s Fried Pies

Closeup of center of a fried apple pie.

Everyone in the county and many outside knew my Grandmother Sallie Rose; some knew her cooking while others knew her quilting.  Most people called her Sallie, but to me she was Nanny.  I was the most fortunate child around as we lived just a mile from Nanny, and I was allowed to be there all […]

Our 4th Jam-Off, 11 September 2016

Beautiful jars of blueberry jam

The fourth Bloomsbury Jam-Off  is Sunday, 11 September 2016!  Yes, Jam-Off (amateur jam-off).  A panel of jam-loving judges will be selecting the top three entries in the entire universe.  Well, the top three of those j-petitors(contestants) who make a submission to be judged.  The top three entries will be awarded a Jam-Off Certificate and Prize. Be sure to follow the […]

Buttered Nut Creme Cheesecake


Buttered Nut Crème Cheesecake is from an ancient Roman recipe.  Yes, Greece was most likely the introducer of cheesecake – but, this Roman one is a keeper. CRUST: 1 & ¼  cups all-purpose flour ½ cup sugar ¼ teaspoon salt ½ cup butter, cold and cut into small parts   NUTS: 2 cups dry roasted […]

The Perfect Bloomsbury Omelet

beautiful omlet served with mushrooms and tomatoe

Lots of chefs believe that they make a perfect omelet.  They will boost of their special pan or only using gas heat or farm fresh eggs.  Well, I learned the perfect omelet method from a friend of mine who owns Common Earth Farms in Bedford NH.  When she first shared this method…I thought “right Gail”.  […]

Helping a Little Friend with “Snack Day”

Dolphin Snack Bowls and Story

Last Spring, one of my little friends invited me to participate in his school “snack day”.  We decided to have Dolphin Bowls with a Dolphin Story Time.  We prepared them at Bloomsbury Inn.  Remember to ask the teachers if there are any student allergies so you can prepare accordingly. Supplies:  Disposable blue soup bowls, disposable […]

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